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Saturday, September 7th, 2013

Here's a breakdown of how the night went:

Characters were made
Beer was drank
Voice connections were made
Insults were exchanged
No Clerics were in sight
Pizza was eaten
Characters were remade, clothed and given sharp pointy things
Gas was released
Mapping/Combat program borked up
Star Trek Into Darkness was watched
Called it a night

Everyone has characters made and Jamie took a bullet for the team and made a cleric since the two we had lined up were no shows.

The program that hosts the game (allows everyone to see maps, rolls nice 3D dice and allows for combat tracking) didn't perform so well.

So I'm working on the mapping/combat program. I think it was the computer I was using, I'm going to test it on better PC. If the same problems persist then there are other options that do maps better just not the characters/dice/combat.

Worse case, which isn't all that bad is we go with a program that does maps really well and handle combat the old fashion way, roll dice and keep track of it on paper.

So one way or another I'll have it ready for this Saturday, September 14th. I'm setting up the UGT (Ultimate Gaming Table) in the man cave this week so there will be plenty of room.

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