Saturday, December 21, 2013

Fantasy Grounds 3.0.1

Be sure when you launch Fantasy Grounds that you go to settings and confirm that you have the Mode set to Test.

There is a new update out so make sure you run the update process.

The Kripper, go hard!

Wednesday, September 25, 2013


Ok did some research and found out PCs can drag items from the Party Inventory screen to their inventory on the main character sheet (not the mini). You can also drag items out of your inventory to another PC.

Even better I found out how to show active effects on PCs in the Combat Tracker!

The Kripper, go hard!

Sunday, September 1, 2013

Who's who of PCs

Ok here is the list so far of who is playing which class/race/alignment. Please send me your character files via e-mail once you have them made so I can get them imported into Fantasy Grounds.

Chris: Bard/Aasimar/Chaotic Good
Kenny: Fighter/Human/Neutral
Mike: Wizard/Human/Chaotic Good
Rick: Summoner/Half-Elf/Chaotic Neutral
David: Rogue/Half-Orc
Jon: Monk/Dwarf
Jamie: Cleric/Human

Chaos Theory anyone?

Justin: ??? - will join in a couple weeks
Joe: Cleric/???/Most likely Chaotic ??? - MIA
Patrick: Cleric/Aasimar/Neutral Good - MIA

The Kripper, go hard!

Friday, August 30, 2013

Tabletop Connect: 3D Virtual Tabletop

Tabletop Connect: 3D Virtual Tabletop

Check out this VTT software. They have a kick start going to create a VTT that is powered by a 3D engine.

The Kripper, go hard!

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Useful Links

This website contains most if not all the Pathfinder rules for game play. If you don't have the Core Book or PDF or just want to look it up on the web here's the place.

Fantasy Grounds II
VTT software (Virtual Table Top).

Character creation software for Pathfinder.

Dolby Axon
VoIP (Voice over IP) software for group chat over the internet.

PCGen Setup

Quick note, when you go to use PCGen to create your characters use the Pathfinder RPG (includes all currently released Supplements) option, new pic to follow:

For your Ability Points click the METHOD button and select under PURCHASE MODE: Epic Fantasty:

That will give you 25 points to spend on your Ability Scores instead of the random dice rolls.

The Kripper, go hard!

Fantasy Grounds

I'm currently testing a new Alpha version of the program (for the non geeks that's a program that is in development so it might have a few quirks).

It adds some nice features:

  • Targeting arrows from your token to the target.
  • Re-size tokens individually (the current program sets the same size for all tokens).
  • Easier token management.
  • Improvements to the UI (user interface), such as a button here and there.
Ok theirs more but I'm getting bored typing it so I'm sure your board reading it.

Long story short if they can fix the one bug (program glich) we will be using this version and I will post instructions on how to update your version.

The Kripper, go hard!