Sunday, September 1, 2013

Who's who of PCs

Ok here is the list so far of who is playing which class/race/alignment. Please send me your character files via e-mail once you have them made so I can get them imported into Fantasy Grounds.

Chris: Bard/Aasimar/Chaotic Good
Kenny: Fighter/Human/Neutral
Mike: Wizard/Human/Chaotic Good
Rick: Summoner/Half-Elf/Chaotic Neutral
David: Rogue/Half-Orc
Jon: Monk/Dwarf
Jamie: Cleric/Human

Chaos Theory anyone?

Justin: ??? - will join in a couple weeks
Joe: Cleric/???/Most likely Chaotic ??? - MIA
Patrick: Cleric/Aasimar/Neutral Good - MIA

The Kripper, go hard!