Sunday, September 1, 2013

Who's who of PCs

Ok here is the list so far of who is playing which class/race/alignment. Please send me your character files via e-mail once you have them made so I can get them imported into Fantasy Grounds.

Chris: Bard/Aasimar/Chaotic Good
Kenny: Fighter/Human/Neutral
Mike: Wizard/Human/Chaotic Good
Rick: Summoner/Half-Elf/Chaotic Neutral
David: Rogue/Half-Orc
Jon: Monk/Dwarf
Jamie: Cleric/Human

Chaos Theory anyone?

Justin: ??? - will join in a couple weeks
Joe: Cleric/???/Most likely Chaotic ??? - MIA
Patrick: Cleric/Aasimar/Neutral Good - MIA

The Kripper, go hard!


  1. Have you seem the import util that Smiteworks made for importing characters from PCGen and Hero Lab?

  2. Yeah, that's what I'm using to bring the character files in to FGII. There is an issue with how it brings in weapons. It appears to be double adding modifiers from a PCGen character. Haven't tested the Hero Labs import yet since everyone is using PCGen. Hero Labs has a more user friendly interface but can get pricy when you add in all the supplements vs. free for PCGen. I'll end up just using Hero Labs for NPCs.

  3. Also nice thing about FGII someone made an add-on that has all the NPCs from the modules I'm using and all 3 bestiaries.